Numismatics scanned books

You can read here most of the Numismatics Books available on our previous web site. We wish you a good reading and hope these books will be useful for you.

Because of the age of the documents and / or of the storage media, it was sometimes impossible to scan the whole documents. We apologize for any eventual missing parts.


COHEN Henri, Description historique des monnaies frappées sous l’Empire romain, Paris, 1880.

Tome I – Table of Contents, Firts Part (p.1-258), Second Part (p.259-544).

Tome II – Table of Contents, First Part (p. 1-216), Second Part (p. 217-447).

Tome III – Table of Contents, First Part (p. 1-212), Second Part (p. 213-427).

Tome IV – Table of Contents, First Part (p.1-264), Second Part (p.265-532).

Tome V – Table of contents, First Part (p.1-276), Second Part (p.277-546).

Tome VI – Table of contents, First Part (p.1-284), Second Part (p.285-570).

Tome VII – Table of contents, First Part (p.-), Second Part (p.-).

Tome VIII – Table of contents, First Part (p.-), Second Part (p.-).


HOFFMANN H., Les monnaies royales de France. Depuis Hugues Capet jusqu’à Louis XVI, Paris, 1878.