iNumis Team

Marion Delcamp

Junior Numismatist

Marion entered the iNumis Team in 2018 after a Modern Economic History degree at the Sorbonne University. Marion specialized in the French royal coinage. She animates and moderates the iNumis Facebook & iNumis Instagram (community manager) and regularly updates the e-shop

Renaud Desse

Senior Numismatist

Renaud entered the iNumis Team in 2012 after a French Modern Literature degree. Renaud is specialized in the French modern and worldwide coinage, medals, tokens and civil and military honours.

Monica Mele

Commercial Assistant and

Monica entered the iNumis Team in 2011. Monica speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish and she has a History and Philosophy degree. She is in charge of the secretariat, customer relationship (accounting, logistics, shipping, after sale service, claims), Mail Bid Sales, Public Sales, iNumis website and Ebay sales follow-up, relationship with Public Administration and Customs.

Florence Prudhomme

Commercial Assistant

Florence entered the iNumis Team in 2011. Florence speaks French, English and German and has an International Relationship DESS degree. Florence is in charge of the financial iNumis relations and of the Mail Bid Sales and Public Sales logistics (PCGS grading, bids recording and consignors payment).

Stéphan Sombart

Senior Numismatist

Co-founder of the website and iNumis manager, Stéphan has a French Modern History DEA degree and is the author of the FRANCIÆ IV and of several numismatics studies. Stéphan is specialized in the ancient and French royal and feudal coinage.

iNumis business partners

If you have any questions about financial gold, please contact :

Comptoir Français de l’Or : Currency Change and financial gold

Compagnie Générale de l’Or : Currency Change and financial gold

Galerie de la Bourse : financial gold, numismatics, ancient books and autographs