How to sell or consign to iNumis

If you wish to sell or consign your collectibles coins, medals, tokens or honour to iNumis, you just need to :

  • If you have a mostly heterogeneous ensemble, contact us to or call the +33140138319 : you will be assisted by our whole iNumis experts team ;

  • Directly contact our experts, according to the type of ensemble you wish to propose : iNumis Team

As far as possible, please communicate a detailed Excel list of what you wish to propose to iNumis, mentioning the size, weight, material of your goods and with high definition photos : that will help us to make a first assessment of you goods and fix an appointment. No definitive assessment will be done before a direct view of the goods.

If you can not come to the iNumis shop, you will ship the goods.

According to the value of your goods, two options are available :

  • iNumis directly buys your goods ;

  • your goods will be included in one of iNumis sales and you will be paid once the sale has been closed.

The Mail Bid Sale : how does it work ?

PDF de règlement des VSO

The Public Sale : how does it work ?

PDF de règlement des VE