Who are we ?

The www.inumis.com website was founded in 1999 by Jérôme Mairat and Stéphan Sombart in order to share, online, some ancient numismatics works which were in the public domain and often hard to find. Since 2004, the iNumis website proposes both numismatics works, some of them quite well known such as the “Cohen” or the “Hoffmann”, and studies or unpublished articles as the ones about the coronation tokens and medals.

In 2004 the www.inumis.com website was bought by iNumis and became the iNumis official e-commerce website.

The iNumis Parisian shop is located at 46 rue Vivienne, between the Bourse Palais Brongniart and the Grands Boulevards, at just 50 metres from the Musée Grévin and at about 200 meters from the Hôtel Drouot, between the Richelieu-Drouot, Grands Boulevard and Bourse metro stations.

The iNumis shop is opened from Monday until Friday, from 9:15 AM until 5:45 PM, without lunch break.

In our shop you will find more coins, medals, tokens and military and civil honours as well as numismatics works that will enrich your library.

At iNumis your objects will be estimated for free and you will be able to directly and immediately sell them or consign them to be included in one of the iNumis sales (link to Sell and consign to iNumis).

The iNumis Team